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**Why Social Media Should NOT Be Your Only Marketing Strategy** (featured in Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th May 2021!)

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How to Rebuild Your Fitness Career, Part One

Self-Promotion for Fitness Professionals that Doesn’t Rely on Social Media

3 Questions to Answer to Market Yourself More Effectively

Digital Fitness Lessons with Impact

Redefining the Rock Star

It’s Not About You

Credibility Builders In The Fitness Industry

How to Get Started in Group Fitness in 5 Steps

How to Get Started in Personal Training in 5 Steps

3 Reasons You Don’t Have to Go Digital!

6 Success Secrets for Women in Fitness

Is Going Digital the Right Move for Your Fitness Career?

How to Choose the Fitness Career Path That is Right for You

Communication Strategies to Retain Clients During Unprecedented Times

How to Develop a Mindset and Skillset for Success

3 Reasons the World Needs Health and Exercise Professionals More Now Than Ever

3 Tips to Future-proof Your Fitness Career

The Future of the Fitness Industry

Group Fitness Instructors: 3 Steps to Success in 2021

Group Fitness Instructors: We See You and You Are Not Alone

Coping With Change: Resources for Group Fitness Instructors

5 Things to Remember When Returning to the Gym After COVID-19

5 Body-weight Exercises You Can Do Right Now

8 Group Fitness Classes to Get Your Heart Pumping

Prepping Programming for 2020: How to Keep Workouts Fresh in the New Year

How to Master the Audition Process

5 Indoor Cycling Myths that Instructors Would Like to Shatter

Being Your Own Boss

Top Entrepreneurial Skills For Success, Part One

Top Entrepreneurial Skills For Success, Part Two

5 Reasons To Maintain Your Professional Certification

The Hybrid Instructor: A Vital Link in Today’s Fitness Continuum

How to Get Paid What You’re Really Worth

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

The Formula for Success All Fitness Pros Should Know

Two is Better than One… Or is it?

Trust Me & Other Ineffective Personal Trainer Pick Up Lines

Why It’s Important To Work On Your Business, Not Just In Your Business

The Group Fitness Trifecta

A Fitness Approach That Really Can Help Everyone

Kill the COMP – Land Long Term Training Clients

5 Communication Hacks to Elevate Your Programming

How to Maximize Your Strength Workout with Full-Body Movements

The Anytime Fitness High 5 Dynamic Warm-Up

Build Essential Strength with This Weight Lifting Plan

3 Pregnancy Health & Fitness Myths You Should Know About

What’s In Your Gym Bag? Must Have Items for your Group Fitness Class

4 Quick-Fix Fitness Myths You Need to Forget

How to Increase Your Leaping Ability

3 Ways to Make Your Group Fitness Classes More Effective

8 Thigh Exercises Trainers Swear By

The Most Common Ways People Sabotoge Their Fitness Goals

Strategic Self-Promotion for Fitness Pros

How to Deal With Class Cliques

3 Ways to Help Your Clients Celebrate Small Victories

8 Fitness Hacks From Top Health and Fitness Experts

Weight of the Union

8 Awesome Things about Being a Personal Trainer

Have We Gotten Carried Away with HIIT?

Fitness Pros Share Their Favorite Exercises

A Fitness Pro’s Guide to Surviving the Summer

Swing Into Shape: 30-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Why Fitness Pros Should Focus on Helping Each Other Instead of Competing with Each Other

LEAD or Get Out of the Way

The 3-Step System for Delivering Amazing Group Fitness Classes

3 Ways GFIs Can Up Their Game This Year

How NOT to Impress Your Students: The Top 5 Things GFI’s Do That Might Actually Be Backfiring

Turning Newbies Into Groupies

Indoor Cycling Sample Class-Explore Your Zones

Riding A Bike Nowhere Is Harder Than It Looks

IDEA February 2010: Success tips for teaching beginners

IDEA 2013: Using NLP in your Practice Part 1

IDEA 2013: Using NLP in your Practice Part 2

IDEA April 2008: No Equipment Needed Sample Class

IDEA Jan 2008; A Formula for Fitness and Fun

IDEA July 2008: NLP-The Soft Science of Communication

Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Set Your Career on Fire!

Creating Memorable Movement Experiences for Clients and Participants

Carving a Career Path

How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back Every Week

9 Form Tips the Average Trainer Gets Wrong

Forget Sex Appeal, Let’s Talk Broad-Based Appeal!

Get What You Deserve

How NOT to Impress Your Students: The Top 5 Things GFIs Do That Backfire

How to Break Into the Fitness Industry

How to Really Teach to Beginners

Impact vs. Intensity

Pleaser, Queen Bee, Sidekick: Handling Class Cliques

Rethink ‘What’s Next?’

The First Step

The Pros and Cons of Being a Hobby Instructor

The Top 10 Traits of Highly Effective Group Fitness Instructors (Part 1)

The Top 10 Traits of Highly Effective Group Fitness Instructors (Part 2)

How to Become a Fitness Manager

Top Fitness Instructors: What’s Their Secret?

Win Your Boss’s Approval for New Programs & Equipment

The Three R’s

Harness the Hustle

That’s None Of Your Business

Look Beyond Your Programming

Get It Done! (Part 1)

Get It Done! (Part 2)

Grow Your Fitness Business Faster with this Productivity Plan