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Upcoming Events

October 9
TOA Talks – LIVE 2021
– Time By Design @ 3 pm PT (4 pm MT, 5 pm CT, 6 pm ET)

October 13 – 15
It’s time to reopen, rebuild, and reimagine our industry. Members are returning to their clubs and foot traffic is up. Let’s kick-off our industry’s comeback in a massive way

October 21 – 23
Optima is brought to you by both the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) – More info to come!

November 12
canfitpro | Business & Leadership
– The Science of Preventing Burnout as a Fitness Professional @ 11:30 am MT (10:30 am PT , 12:30 pm CT, 1:30pm ET)
As a fit pro, you have the opportunity to change other’s lives.. Unfortunately, this rewarding career choice can come at a cost to your own health and well-being. How’s that for irony? Large investments of physical and emotional energy combined with inconsistent work hours, stagnant income, and other challenges often drain our energy and motivation. In this interactive lecture, discover proven psychological and physiological ‘hacks’ to manage your energy, overcome, and preview future burnout for good. IDEA award recipients Brett Klika and Shannon Fable share strategies tested from working with industry leaders, Fortune 500 executives, and other high performers who’ve been brought back from the brink of burnout. Leave with a ready-to-use toolbox sure to amplify your positive impact and influence for many years to come!

Archived Events

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Take Control of Your Career – ACE Webinar (3/3/21)

Where Have Our Fitness Clients Gone– Panel Discussion in conjunction with FitnessFest (3/4/21)

Your Secret Weapon : The KIT-S – Free Webinar with Shannon (2/26/21)

LIVE with Pete McCall – a conversation about building scalable & sustainable businesses (2/17/2021)

Scope of Practice in an Online World – Facebook live convo with Staci Alden & Rebecca Garity Pinto (2/8/2021)

BRAND New You! – Free Webinar with Shannon (1/22/21)

Matcha Team Time with Denise Imbesi – Take Control of Your Career Conversation (1/13/21)

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