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Upcoming Events

July 30th
Did You Learn Your Lesson!? Part Deux (Free Webinar with Shannon)
Life threw us a curveball last year and taught us a harsh lesson about resting on our laurels and having our eggs in one basket. But, with the world opening back up, are you going to take the lessons you learned with you to build back better, or will you slip back into those comfortable grooves? Whether you work for yourself or someone else, there are 3 actions required to architect a scalable and sustainable professional journey. Learn what they are and the steps to take to activate the 2nd one – Diversify your OFFERINGS, not your AUDIENCE – right away in our July Monthly Meet-Up.

**We will dive deep into Step 3 in August. If you RSVP now, you’ll automatically be on the list to receive the call-in details and replay for August! This is a summer series you will NOT want to miss!

August 5 – 8 (in-person event!)
DCAC Fitness Conference
Reston, VA
Join Shannon & other amazing fitness educators for a weekend full of fun! Shannon will be presenting 3 workshops to help you navigate your career and find your place!

August 26 – 28
SUCCEED! Virtual Conference & Expo
3 Days. 50+ Sessions. 20+ Exhibitor Expo – More info to come!

Archived Events

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Did You Learn Your Lesson!? Free Webinar with Shannon (6/25/21)

I’m Worth It! -Free Webinar with Shannon (5/28/21)

Get Out of Your Own Way – Free Webinar with Shannon (4/30/21)

Creating a 3-Dimensional Programming Strategy (3/30/21)

Self-Promotion Strategies (that don’t feel shameless) – Free Webinar with Shannon (3/26/21)

Your Words Have Power (3/8/21)

Take Control of Your Career – ACE Webinar (3/3/21)

Where Have Our Fitness Clients Gone– Panel Discussion in conjunction with FitnessFest (3/4/21)

Your Secret Weapon : The KIT-S – Free Webinar with Shannon (2/26/21)

LIVE with Pete McCall – a conversation about building scalable & sustainable businesses (2/17/2021)

Scope of Practice in an Online World – Facebook live convo with Staci Alden & Rebecca Garity Pinto (2/8/2021)

BRAND New You! – Free Webinar with Shannon (1/22/21)

Matcha Team Time with Denise Imbesi – Take Control of Your Career Conversation (1/13/21)

Tips for Increasing Your Confidence as an Instructor – Facebook live convo with Rebecca Garity Pinto (1/11/21)

The Future of Your Fitness Business – Club Solutions Webinar (1/3/21)

Going Digital with Intelivideo – The Fitness Business Podcast | The Value Proposition Ep 7 (12/8/20)