Monthly Meet-Ups

Join our Monthly Meet-Ups the last Friday of every month.

Monthly Meet-Ups are free, laser-focused coaching sessions dedicated to shifting your mindset, mapping out or refining your framework, and making plans to turn your vision into a vocation. After 20-30 minutes on our monthly topic, we will open up the mic and get down to business. Bring your questions, your comments, your thoughts, your ideas, and connect with like minded people from all over the world. If you can’t make it live, RSVP and we’ll send the link directly after.


Did You Learn Your Lesson!? (June)

No doubt you were interested in creating a long-lasting and rewarding career before the pandemic. You may have even dropped in on a few lectures or read a few books to learn the secrets to long-term success. But, when everything is working, there is zero urgency to implementing changes. Life threw us a curveball last year and taught us a harsh lesson about resting on our laurels and having our eggs in one basket. But, with the world opening back up, are you going to take the lessons you learned with you to build back better, or will you slip back into those comfortable grooves?

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, there are 3 actions required to architect a scalable and sustainable professional journey. Learn what they are and the steps to take to activate the 1st one right away in our June Monthly Meet-Up.

**We will dive deep into Steps 2 and 3 in July and August. If you RSVP now, you’ll automatically be on the list to receive the call-in details and replay for the next two! This is a summer series you will NOT want to miss!

Friday, June 25th
11 am PT | 12 pm MT | 1 pm CT | 2 pm ET


I’m Worth It! – (May)

“I love it so much, I’d do it for FREE”!
I bet you’ve said this before or know someone who has! Let’s have a frank conversation about how underplaying your worth may work against you and the industry as a whole. Whether you’re looking to negotiate your rates at a club or pricing your own offering, you’ll walk away with a plan for better understanding what you’re actually worth. You are a valued professional…it’s time you got paid like one!

Get Out of Your Own Way – (April)

Sometimes the person in the mirror is the roadblock to your success. While it may not seem obvious, learning to shift your mindset is step one in navigating our reimagined fitness industry and finding your unique place. Take 30 minutes to talk #lifehacks – all designed to help you become less fearful, more focused on what’s next for you.

Self-Promotion Strategies (that don’t feel shameless) – (March)

Self-Promotion will get you what you want …. NOTICED! But, if you’re just aimlessly shouting your name from the rooftops without a clear strategy, the awareness might not lead people to your door. Shannon will teach you about the 6 Core Self-Promotion strategies that are guaranteed to super-charge your business. And … guess what … only 1 involves social media!.

KIT-S = Keep In Touch Strategy – (February)

While it may sound too simple to be a secret weapon, I urge you to give me 30 minutes to show you how creating a master plan to keep in touch can quickly grow your business.  Trust we will cover both low-tech AND high-tech ways to streamline your “KIT” process to make sure working on your business doesn’t overtake working IN your business.

BRAND New You – (January)

Developing your personal brand is the cornerstone to creating the career of your dreams. In our 40 minutes together, we will define what a brand is and uncover the three fundamental decisions you need to make to get pointed in the right direction. (previously recorded)