Find Your People: A Simple System for Successful Self Promotion




November is the perfect time to do this work. I promise you’ll have yourself organized and ready to roll before Thanksgiving. AND, the system will be so easy you will keep it going through the holidays. Which means … January will be booming!  

Self-Promotion will get you what you want …. NOTICED! But, if you’re just aimlessly shouting your name from the rooftops without a clear strategy, the awareness might not lead the right people to your door. Following our simple system for self-promotion may not magically multiply your earnings overnight, but over time, if repeated consistently, you will have more opportunities than you ever imagined.

Three options to make your way through the course:

Move through the 4-hour course at your own pace.

Group Coaching
Access to online course and 3-60 min group coaching calls* to dive deep into the details.
*Times & Dates of Calls are TBD, will be recorded in case you cannot attend.
(limited to 20 people)

Private Coaching
Access to online course, 3-60 min group coaching calls to dive deep into the details and 2 laser coaching sessions to customize & activate your personal plan!
(limited to 5 people)