Find Your People

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Pros using this simple system are ‘finding’ their people and making big things happen (in less than 15 minutes a day).

Do you …  

hate marketing?  
cringe at the thought of networking?
detest the thought of social media being a must do every day?
resist promoting yourself because it feels shameless?


Well, at least as I used to until I discovered a system that allowed me to increase my impact, income, and independence by simply telling my story and authentically connecting with people. Oh – and it didn’t rely on social media, take a ton of time, or even cost anything!

Hi, I’m Shannon Fable, a Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach, and I’ve been helping professionals and companies do big things for over two decades.

I learned that no matter how good folks were at delivering results for their clients if they didn’t find a way to ‘market’ that was easy and sustainable, they were constantly struggling to make ends meet.

I was good at what I did. I got results. AND … I hated telling people about who I was and the benefits I provided. Trying to find more clients was my least favorite activity. I just wanted to do my thing – create, serve, and work directly with my clients.

I got along for a while by word of mouth and informal referrals. But, there were seasons of feast and famine, as well as constant anxiety lurking just beneath the surface, wondering how much longer I could keep this up.

I devoured marketing self-help books, courses, and quick-fix boot camps. Most of them I didn’t finish. And, the ones I did … well, let’s just say the tactics felt sleazy, short-sighted, and inauthentic, but they were ‘proven to work.’ So, I would try a few things, get modest success, and then abandon it as quickly as I had gotten started. Sound familiar? 

Then, I stumbled on Book Yourself Solid® by Michael Port. I can honestly say I fell in love with sales and marketing. Because, well, it didn’t feel like sales and marketing. It just felt like fun. Reaching out to people, sharing who I know, what I know, how I feel, making connections, deeping those connections, and offering up – when the time was right – opportunities to provide valuable products and services to the perfect people! 

I get it, you don’t have a ton of time, AND you’d rather be doing your work than talking about your work. So, you need something that only takes a few minutes a day, doesn’t require a graphic designer, and costs little money. Am I right?

You ready to learn my secrets?

I’m opening up my course Find Your People: A Simple System for Successful Self-Promotion just for November.

I will be offering three options to make your way through the course:

Move through the course at your own pace beginning November 5th.


Add on 3-60 min group coaching calls to dive deep into the details.


*Limited to 20 people

Add on 2 laser coaching sessions once you’ve completed the course to customize & activate your personal plan!


*Limited to 5 people

November is the perfect time to do this work. I promise you’ll have yourself organized and ready to roll before Thanksgiving. AND, the system will be so easy you will keep it going through the holidays. Which means … January will be booming!  

Self-Promotion will get you what you want …. NOTICED! But, if you’re just aimlessly shouting your name from the rooftops without a clear strategy, the awareness might not lead the right people to your door. Following our simple system for self-promotion may not magically multiply your earnings overnight, but over time, if repeated consistently, you will have more opportunities than you ever imagined.

Still not sure, take a listen: