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Finding time to tackle the tasks necessary to move your career forward is challenging. Working in the nooks and crannies of your week or, worse, adding on to your already overloaded schedule is a recipe for disaster.

Join the growing list of big thinkers that have successfully used Shannon’s TBD Technique™ to gain control of their time and their lives! Check out our free tools designed to help you get your most impactful work done without overwhelm or burnout.

Shannon Fable is an experienced visionary and business development consultant with a passion for strategic innovation.

Fable is an award winning educator, sought after speaker, author, and thought leader who has traveled the world helping passionate people do big things. As a Book Yourself Solid® Licensed Professional, she helps organizations and professionals navigate their industry and find their unique path, while sidestepping overwhelm and burnout

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Our free webinars are laser-focused coaching sessions dedicated to shifting your mindset, innovating, and implementing your big ideas. The pre-recorded sessions range from 30-60 minutes and provide actionable steps to navigate your path and get your work out into the world.

Whether you prefer self-guided curriculum, mastermind groups along with your learning, or one on one mentorship, we’ve got you covered. Our carefully crafted products and services help you take what you already know and architect a plan for getting it out into the world.

Our ongoing, monthly accountability group can be your “Army of Empowerment”. Like minded women looking to increase their impact without burnout or overwhelm assemble as ‘co-workers’ to help make the journey lighter through daily learning and laughter.

Staci Alden

Group Fitness Consultant

Working through the Book Yourself Solid Intensive has been so incredibly valuable. I knew I had begun creating and serving content to people but had only scratched the surface of my potential, nor did I KNOW where I wanted to or could go with a service business. The program (more specifically Shannon through our 1:1 calls and the group coaching calls) has the ability to put words and purpose to what I’m thinking and feeling about myself, my goals, who I want to serve, and how I want to serve them. The cadence of the work and the coaching calls kept me accountable to the consistency necessary to build momentum and organize my business productively and strategically. The energy I have when working on my business is higher than it ever was before because I feel like I’m organized, targeted, I’m doing what I was meant to do, and I’m seeing the positive results.

Jill Drummond

Global Education & Program Manager at Freemotion Fitness

Before the BYS Intensive with Shannon, I understood my why, but I did not understand how to articulate it or what to do with it. Shannon has a magical way of teaching systems that narrow your focus to broaden your passion, and that is exactly what this course has done for me. It helped me take the abstract and develop an actionable path to bring it to life. Shannon has high expectations and does not claim that success is easy. She expects hard work, accountability, and consistency. But the fantastic career success she has had with these exact same steps is proof enough that it is worth it. So if you are ready to put in the work and give this material the real-time it deserves, you will walk away with a clear road map to deepening your impact, widening your reach, and booking yourself solid.

Eliza Kingsford

Founder of Kingsford Coaching, LLC

Working with Shannon has pushed me to think about my business in an entirely different way. She is so knowledgeable about what she’s teaching, but her delivery is so magical for me. She has a way of listening to what I’m stuck on and synthesizing it so that it makes sense. She can hear what I am trying to say and succinctly and accurately get to the next steps to help me. She helps me get out of my own way in a respectful but confident way. I needed someone who could help me organize my content and marketing strategy thoughtfully and purposefully. I was scattered and all over the place with how I was getting my message out, which made me feel scattered and all over the place in my business. Shannon helps me see the bigger picture, but more than that, she is teaching me how to execute on that bigger picture. She is this rare and beautiful mix of business strategy and detailed execution that I think is hard to find. I’m so grateful for her guidance, support, and expertise.

Jamie Nicholls

CEO at Fitness Conventions, Inc.

I met Shannon in 2006. I was the registration manager for Fitness Conventions Inc. She was a presenter for Schwinn, BOSU, and her company SF Resources. I was assigned to pick her up from the airport for one of our events. After chatting on the way to the event, I remember being in awe of this young businesswoman who had accomplished so much. Over the years she presented for our DCAC conference covering many areas in fitness education and business. It wasn’t until early 2021 that I realized I should be working with her. I had recently become CEO of Fitness Conventions Inc. Figuring out how to grow my business was a challenge for me. I had ideas and I knew where I wanted to go but couldn’t quite connect the dots. Shannon not only helped me come up with a plan of action but helped me put it into effect. She is kind and encouraging. Her knowledge of business strategy combined with her experience in the fitness industry was the key to help me move my business forward. I am thankful to have her in my corner.

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