Ajia Clancy


Fairport, New York


July 18th

About Ajia

I am a Military and LEO Wife to Matt; Mcquaid Jesuit Senior Mom to Matty; Rescue Dog Mom to Piper & Ella; Horse Mom to Kane. I love running, working out, walking my dogs, and riding my horse. I compete at a national level and have just begun my 'off-season.' This gifts me more time for hiking! I live and love life one adventure at a time.

About Ajia's business & Why she joined the implementation group

In 2010 I started my Personal Training business and fast forward to COVID I transitioned to Virtual Coaching. My coaching program empowers others to navigate life as they work towards their goals. I have joined this group to be able to network with other Lady Boss AF (as I affectionately call myself,) and become as good at actually telling people about my business as I am about my family and hobbies, etc. 🙂