Shannon is a proud, certified Book Yourself Solid® Business Coach. She is always happy to assist current and aspiring fitness professionals with business advice via virtual consulting.

Consulting Services:
1 Hour Session: $95.00
30 Minute Session: $55.00
15 Minute Session: $35.00

Shannon provides business advice to qualified fitness professionals in a variety of fields. Simply put, Shannon helps fitness professionals make more money. Her areas of expertise include: Group Fitness Management, becoming an instructor, studio set up and marketing, becoming a fitness educator/master trainer/presenter, video production and much more. To get started, simply book a 30 minute exploratory session to chat with Shannon and get moving in the right direction. Each mentoring session is conducted via phone with email follow up. For more information contact Shannon.

In depth Book Yourself Solid packages are available on request and after an initial 60 or 30 minute consultation is conducted.