Cameron Chinatti

Surve Productions


Boulder, Colorado


July 18th

About Cameron

My husband Jeremy (COO) and I live in Longmont, CO with our two boys, Corbin (7) and Rylo (4), Lady Goose (11, our Tennessee Terrier), and a bunch of aquarium creatures. We're musicians and that is how we met. We still do live music together on Sundays on our church's praise and worship team and occasionally gig with local bands. Jeremy's the process/ops/data-analytics-for -days guy and I'm the moonshot/crazy-maker/tinkerer. I have a passion for international business, the travel that goes with and taking the family along whenever possible. I greatly enjoy having partners and colleagues all over the world. It fills me up. I've been doing work with or for SFR since... 2003!

About Cameron's business & Why she joined the implementation group

As mentioned, I dig strategy and scale but I tend to avoid self-promotion and traditional marketing; which is a bit ironic given that we create marketing video assets for others. My time in the Implementation Incubator has already proven valuable in helping me align my values with rubber-meets-the-road actions, and of course the accountability!