Looking for online continuing education? Here are a few of the titles Shannon has created and produced over the years for fitness managers.

The Business of Group Exercise—Beyond the Numbers

The health club market has changed tremendously in the last 10 years. Expectations are high, times are hard and group fitness directors are pulled in a million directions. Learn the foundations of the health club business and how you directly relate to the bottom line. Walk away with a laundry list of helpful resources and straightforward strategies that will help you communicate with management more effectively and lead your team with ease. Review in-depth information about evaluating the effectiveness of classes with numbers, budgets, pay scales and much more.

Positive Steps to Improved Teamwork

Group fitness managers are faced with the toughest job in the world …motivating a group of part-time instructors that may work as few as one hour a week to meet the goals and objectives of the fitness club. Creating a well-functioning TEAM from this group of Individuals (and yes, that’s spelled with a CAPITAL I) is extremely challenging. In this DVD, you’ll learn strategies for creating and providing incentives for your group that will lead to improved performance both inside and outside the classroom. Discover the difference between feedback and failure, evaluations with meaning, how to create performance action plans, programs for rewarding good behavior and much more! Leave with ideas sure to make your job easier.

But I Want It! Budget Management for Program Directors

So many toys, so little money! Learn simple tips to determine whether or not you really need that new toy. Then look at a fail-proof evaluation process to ensure you won’t end up with buyer’s remorse. Learn easy ways to justify the need for new equipment (and training!) with business language that your general manager is sure to understand. Last, learn the smartest way to timetable the launch of a new product or program for maximum effectiveness.

Whether you are a group exercise instructor wanting to find ways to convince your manager to give a new program a shot, or you are the group fitness manager looking critically at the latest and greatest, this DVD is sure to provide you with the tools to make the best decisions possible!

Evolved Evaluations

Find it hard to make time to consistently evaluate your staff even once a year? Do your instructors quickly clean up their act when you walk in the door or fall to pieces when they see you? If this sounds like you, it’s time to evolve your evaluating procedures. Learn to implement strategies for gathering information you need about your staff, what to do once you’ve got it and how to use evaluations without tripling the time you already spend at the club.