Jamie Gillooly

Jamie Gillooly Fitness


San Diego, California


November 7th

About Jamie

I am a coffee enthusiast, prefer salty snacks over anything sweet, and I love reading suspenseful novels! I emotionally recharge by spending time outdoors and enjoy hiking with my family. My biggest accomplishment is raising two beautiful daughters alongside my best friend and husband, Chris. We have been married for 18 years and live in San Diego, CA.

About Jamie's business & Why she joined the implementation group

The recent pandemic provided me the opportunity to transition from teaching in a traditional studio to opening my own virtual business. I started my company up but was beginning to feel lost. I was all over the place with my ideas and couldn't find one that stuck. I was mentally exhausted and had no plan or system in place to grow my business. I joined this group because I want to work smarter and monetize what I love doing! I joined in hopes to find a path to sustainably grow my business while also freeing up time to do what I love most which is spending time with my family.