Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds Fitness, LLC


Dallas, Texas


September 16th

About Lisa

I'm engaged to be married to my love, Jordan, on 5/27/22 in Maui! We have a cat, Milo, and he's out of control and we love him. I have a dance background, I teach various forms of yoga, barre, HIIT pilates, and cardio dance. I teach at various studios and clubs in Dallas (currently Cooper Aerobics, Trufusion Dallas, and Uptown Yoga). I am a Master Trainer for Barre Above and Balletone and I have done in-house training for many different studios in Dallas.

About Lisa's business & Why she joined the implementation group

I joined this group mostly because I adore Shannon and I want to build on the skills I learned in our Summer cohort. Time blocking is a struggle for me so I'm looking to get more organized and to be held accountable (I can be disciplined when it comes to me working for other businesses, but when it comes to my own I do not make it a priority). I have two main goals in mind-- 1) I want to continue to expand my reach as an MT and presenter 2) I want to build my online business and spark the passive income streams I have in place