Megan Caldwell

Megan Caldwell Fitness & Coaching


Lake Oswego, OR


January 28th

About Megan

Hi! I'm Megan! Some would describe me as the matcha-loving energetic bunny. I like to keep active and until recently would go the entire day without sitting down. I grew up on the east coast but have called Portland, OR home for the past 9 years. I live with my amazing family (husband Bo, kids Connor (10), Cam (8), and Charley (5), our two dogs, hermit crab, and many fish.) Right now my hobbies include settling into our new home, going on runs, coffee dates with friends, and just recently I've learned I am capable of binge-watching shows and actually enjoy it too (currently: Ted Lasso, Good Trouble, A Million Little Things...) I enjoy the outdoors and really like having a genuine conversation with pretty much anyone. I definitely see almost everything as the glass being half full. I am passionate about empowering others to be their best selves. ​

About Megan's business & Why she joined the implementation group

I am rebranding my business after almost nine years of operating under a franchise! The pandemic has shown me that I LOVE operating my business 100% from my home and have shifted my focus from running in-person fitness classes to offering virtual fitness, coaching, and accountability groups. I am designing my business ("Meg-Well Coaching & Fitness"?) to maximize my talents, maximize the energy I can provide to clients, AND maximize the time with my family. My sales cycle will include virtual on-demand fitness options, a self-guided 8-week self-care course, potentially one-on-one personal training and coaching. My key program is an 8-week group coaching program that brings like-minded, driven women together (target audience: working moms with school-aged kids, ie ME ;)) to find structure, support, accountability, and enjoyment in prioritizing themselves. I truly believe in the power of like-minded people coming together to support one another on their journey. Just like I create space for women to move forward on their health, wellness, fitness, and self-journey, I joined this group to find "my people" to inspire me, support me, and help hold me accountable as I transition and build my new business.