Noël Nocciolo

NoëlCycles & PEP For FitPros


Global Nomad...but when in US, Camarillo, CA


December 18th

About NOËL

Travel is hugely important & I'm hoping a second citizenship/passport is in my future! I'm from California originally & moved to NYC at 17 for college & stayed 15 years & left to move to Singapore, which started me on the overseas living. Theater kid, ballet, vocal music. Love: good books (Murakami has ruined modern lit for me with his unreal prose), addicting well-done tv, Mexican food, Broadway musicals & stand-up comedy. Dislike: subtle & overt racism, diet culture, misogyny, homophobia, toxic individualism, injustices, overpriced & disappointing meals out (especially Italian!).

About NOËL's business & Why she joined the implementation group

Starting in 2014, I've been fortunate to relocate overseas several times to train indoor cycling instructors for boutique fitness studios & consult studio founders. Recently took on a beast of a new project (PEP For FitPros) with my co-creator, who is as well a former performer turned Speech-Language Pathologist, to create a career longevity course for fitpros, focused on voice health & performance to ensure healthy AND head-turning entertainment in sessions. After hearing many of the same questions from studio owners across the world, I started a purposefully-small event series in 2018 called Boutique Fitness Talks, open to any-modality studio owner or manager as a place to connect & learn…though we managed to get a Feb 2020 Bangkok event through before covid accelerated, it's been on hiatus ever since. I joined the group because Shannon is exceptional & I want to be both challenged & feel like I have a place to grow alongside other women that's devoid of jealous behavior, hear different perspectives/learn about aspects of our industry I know nothing about!