Preston Blackburn

Pop, Hop & Rock™/Pivot to Play™


Richmond, VA


January 25th

About Preston

I am married to the coolest, sweetest guy (30 years), have two girls who are in their 20's and living their best, most adventurous lives. I like to spend as much time on the Piankatank River (just a stone's throw from the Chesapeake Bay) as possible and when I can do it again, I want to get on a plane and go to Paris, Lima, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Budapest and beyond. There is way too much to see and explore out there.

About Preston's business & Why she joined the implementation group

"Twenty years ago I had been a certified Group X instructor for 10 years. I had two preschoolers who I liked better after a visit to the playground. I started building programming and curriculum to get kids moving in schools. I started in preschools, grew to include elementary schools and now have 4 Coaches working in this ""laboratory"" business in Richmond, aka Pop, Hop & Rock™. Over time I realized and witnessed crazy weaknesses in children that hadn't been present when I started my business. Each year it was worse. After much research, I found 18 strengths and skills kids need for social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive success. Previous generations developed these skills in traditional big physical play. But kids today are more sedentary than ever and these skills aren't developing, so it is impacting their confidence, their ability to make friends, sit still, focus and learn. So I built on online training/business in a box, aka Pivot to Play™ to teach people like me how to build their own business working with kids in their own communities. I joined this group because fitness professionals are my target market. I also joined because what Shannon said resonated with me and I don't like selling, I just like being friends with everyone! :)"