Summer Sides



Chapel Hill, NC


November 11th

About Summer

The mountains are my happy place, puppies make me smile, and I can't get enough of Broadway musicals (or anything where they randomly break out into song!). My hubby and our two pups love to get out for walks and any new adventure we can explore. I'm currently training for a 60-mile cycle ride to raise money for cancer research, in memory of my Dad. And my calm is found on my yoga mat.

About Summer's business & Why she joined the implementation group

GXunited is here to make the lives of group fit pros easier by providing them with the resources, ideas, and insights for life as a fit pro. We've gone through quite a few iterations over the years, and finally have landed on where I think is the right place for the NOW of group fitness. I'm here because I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I've got on my plate AND getting GXunited to grow to where I want it to be. Because my hubby is in Law School, I had to return to working a full-time job as a full-time Professor of Exercise Science, and GXunited is again a side hustle. I have big dreams and ideas for what I want to do with GXunited, but time and budget are often limiting factors for me. Thus being part of this group to help me get beyond that barrier. My goal for GXunited is to be generating a livable income in 2-years (when he graduates) so that I can be fully remote and work from wherever his law job will take us. I'm also here because Shannon is awesome :), and I love connecting with other like-minded business ladies. I knew she would have put together an amazing group and I'm thrilled to be part of it. (Was that too much about me -- haha! I do love to talk 🤓).