Copy of Copy of TBD Technique

Rather than living your life in a ‘to be determined’ mode, make the decision to live in a world of “time by design.” You have all the time you need to do what you most want to do … if you use this technique! 


Listen to Shannon for a quick rundown on how the simple system works. And, don’t worry – you will not be adding hours to your day, bumping up your already early alarm, or burning yourself out.

In exchange for your name and email, you’ll receive the TBD Technique™ worksheet with instructions to get started. As a bonus, we’ll follow up with additional tips for refining the technique and making the most of your newfound time over the next month.

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I LOVE Shannon’s Time By Design technique! As a busy mom entrepreneur, her system helped me shift my mindset to realize working ON my business can be a priority AND easy to accomplish, rather than just an afterthought. Now, instead of reacting to the week and hoping I have time to get to the necessary tasks and deeper work, I  have the power to choose what I want my time (and my life!) to look like. I can intentionally set aside time to dedicate to my business each week with the freedom to adapt honoring the different seasons of life and my business. Thank you for providing a simple system that has allowed me to make leaps and bounds in my business in a short amount of time!

Megan Caldwell