Entrepreneurs using this technique are “finding” the time to make big things happen… without overwhelm or burnout

Time By Design (1)

Does any of this sound familiar?

I’ve got this big idea, but I can’t find the time to make it happen.
I’m trying so hard, AND it’s working, but I’m drowning.
I love being an entrepreneur and being at home with my kids, but I’m losing it.

You’re not alone …

Trust me … the world needs what you’ve got.

But, if you’re trying to fit the deep work in the nooks and crannies of your days … during naptime, waking up early or staying up late to get it done while the house is quiet, or vowing to put some extra time in on the weekend, you might make big things happen but chances are you’ll lose yourself in the process.

My very first client tried this approach and failed … that client was ME!

Hi, I’m Shannon Fable, a Book Yourself Solid®  Certified Coach and I’ve been helping professionals and companies increase their impact for nearly two decades. Over the years, I’ve learned that no matter how good folks were at taking the steps to build the idea of their business, if we didn’t address how to design their time, it all fell apart eventually.

Here’s my story …

I was living the proverbial ‘dream’ and dying a little every day. 

Desperate to have more time with my family, jealous of the fun other moms seemed to be having in their ‘spare time’, too irritated, stressed, and tired to be joyful, and exercising feverishly to offset the crap I was feeding myself to keep going, which made me even more tired and irritated. Sound familiar? 

I was doing AMAZING things with my businessES (yes, multiple successful businesses that I’ve run and sold for millions). BUT … I was living my life in a ‘to be determined’ mode. 

Despite the countless productivity books, courses, tips, and tricks I tried, I couldn’t find my way out of this very dark place. Eventually, I was able to get curious enough to trace it back to the ONE thing that would help me regain control and get me off the see-saw I was precariously balanced on, pitting work against ‘life’ … which – by the way – is a recipe for disaster.

The system I created is Time By Design and I am ready to teach you all the things.

Don’t worry – you will not be adding hours to your day, bumping up your already early alarm, or burning yourself out. I promise.

Unlock the secrets to ‘finding’ time to make big things happen with our comprehensive, self-paced online course .  The carefully crafted lessons will help you increase impact without burnout or overwhelm by developing your unique productivity pathway.

Video Content 

  • Introduction (3 min)
  • Overview of the TBD Technique (7 min)
  • Decision 1: How Much Time Do You Really have? (25 min)
  • Decision 2: When Will You Use Your Time? (25 min)
  • Decision 3: What Will You Do With Your Time? (30 min)
  • Making the Most of the TBD Technique (15 min)

Comprehensive Workbook

  • 26 pages of activities

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