Shannon Fable

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“Finding” Time is impossible, learn to design it instead. Our free resource will help you get your big ideas out into the world without burnout or overwhelm.

Shannon is a proud, Book Yourself Solid® Licensed Professional. She loves assisting current and aspiring solopreneurs with structuring and growing their business through personal and group coaching, as well as self-paced courses.

Our free webinars are laser-focused coaching sessions dedicated to shifting your mindset, innovating, and implementing your big ideas.

Looking for help in growing your business, navigating your career, or promoting your work? Shannon has written hundreds of blogs and articles on these topics, and more.

Short, 60-second video tips to help you increase your impact without overwhelm or burnout.

Whether she’s traveling the world or broadcasting from her home in Boulder, you can join Shannon & learn more about navigating your career.