Successful Habits: 15 Minutes a Day to Supercharge Your Offline Marketing




While social media may be the marketing darling of the decade, we’ll discuss the importance of a few ‘off-line’ tactics that when performed consistently will expand your business and keep your potential client list primed for action. You’ll be surprised by how simple, yet effective these often-overlooked gems can be. Whether you are a solopreneur, manage a team, or work for someone else, you’ll walk away with a daily, weekly, monthly templated plan to activate right away that is sure to increase your impact!

Learning Objectives
1. Uncover the drawbacks to relying on social media, exclusively, for your marketing.
2. Learn the 6 core self-promotion strategies that can supercharge your efforts.
3. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly plan to help activate your core self-promotion strategy.


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