Find Your People A Simple System for Successful Self-Promotion

Self-Promotion will get you what you want …. NOTICED! But, if you’re just aimlessly shouting your name from the rooftops without a clear strategy, the awareness might not lead the right people to your door. Following our simple system for self-promotion may not magically multiply your earnings overnight, but over time, if repeated consistently, you will have more opportunities than you ever imagined.

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As a proud, certified Book Yourself Solid® Business Coach, Shannon has helped countless entrepreneurs and organizations innovate and get their work out into the world. She helps pros navigate their industry to find their place.

The SFR Innovation Incubator is a small group coaching program that includes weekly lessons, group coaching calls, community, and ongoing support. Practical exercises will help you build a scalable and sustainable business of your dreams.

The SFR Implementation Incubator is a structured accountability group designed to help you do the damn thing. Work on what’s needed to get the right work done at the right time without overwhelm or burnout. Sometimes hiring a ‘boss’ & some co-workers is all you need.